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Events Calendar

Schedule for 2014:

Jan.:  Manuscript Critique

Feb.:  Guest Speaker -- Mr. Geoffrey Hill, author of Ghosts of '45.

Mar.:  Manuscript Critique

Apr.:  Guest Speaker -- Mr. Norman Osumi, author of Today's Thought, Rev. Paul Osumi:  the Man and His Message.

May:  Manuscript Critique

June:  Guest Speaker to be announced

July:  Manuscript Critique

Aug.: Guest Speaker to be announced

Sept.:  Manuscript Critique

Oct.:  Guest Speaker to be announced

Nov.:  Manuscript Critique

Dec.:  Christmas Party


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Your personal BLOG

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About this site...

The "hub" for Hawaii writers of all ages.

JOIN US for a monthly gathering to critique manuscripts, share tips from other writers and enjoy great fellowship among writers of all ages.


First TUESDAY of Month - 7 pm

Makiki Christian Church

Ground Floor Classroom

829 Pensacola St. Honolulu

(turn left on ELM - just before church --for entrance to parking lot on right)


What can you do on this site?  

  • Post a simple status update. Let us know whatʻs happening in your writing adventures.
  • Use the link above labeled "blogs" to add a new blog post to the site.  Share a piece of writing you'd like other members to read.   If you want feedback, simply leave public comments available in your settings. If not, indicate, 'No comments allowed' in your settings. 
  • Share a review of something youʻve read and recommend great books or other writing websites.
  • Share your successes with various publishers or software.  Post tips for new writers.  Promote your books with links, sample pages, cover photos and reviews.
  • Invite other writers or writing groups you know to join this site.  Membership in NWA is not required.

Use the FORUM for general comments about writing techniques, editing, publication, the NWA, news stories, etc. 

Blog Posts

Nästa dag avlöningsdag lan: snabb kapital being gjorde utan fragor

Posted by 22156 on April 6, 2014 at 11:02pm 0 Comments

Flexibiliteten och lantagaren välkomnande villkor levereras av lan förskott är vad fa dem att populär bland denna typ av fas av daliga krediter människor. Personer bara arbeta pa fa det mycket bättre varje dag. Dessa webbaserade lan köpmän brukar…


February Meeting -- Guest Speaker

Posted by Marsha Gibson on January 21, 2014 at 11:53am 0 Comments

We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014, our guest speaker will be Geoffrey Hill, author of "Ghosts of '45," a non-fiction book about World War II and how it affected both the Japanese and Americans.  Mr. Hill will speak…


Great advice from NWA Honolulu MARCH Newsletter

Posted by honoluluwritersassociation on March 6, 2013 at 8:16pm 0 Comments

This great set of tips is courtesy of John Frederick, NWA Honolulu Chapter in our March Newsletter:


How many of you remember or…


Helpful Tips

Posted by Barbara McLain on March 4, 2013 at 11:20am 0 Comments

Here are some tips to help you use the fantastic tools on this "ning" network.

Q. How do I change my profile picture?…




Monthly Newsletter









    This month’s meeting is a manuscript critique. It will be at the conference room in Makiki Christian Church located on Pensacola St. between Elm and Rycroft from 7PM to 9PM, Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

     Those wishing to read a manuscript should insure it is no longer than 5 pages, double spaced, at least font size 12 and enough copies so everyone can follow along, usually at least ten copies.



     JUST A REMINDER TO EVERYONE. Please send in your check for $15.00 for your 2013 membership. Please fill out and include the information at the bottom of the form so we can publish a membership roster for everyone. It will be good to again interact with each other like we used to in years past. For some reason if you do not wish your contact information to be published, please so indicate.



     The January meeting of the executive committee meeting was held Sunday evening, 7PM, January 27 at Makiki Zippy’s. Those present were Dacy Armstrong, Marsha Gibson, Amy Takemoto, and John Frederick.


     John as acting Treasurer gave the treasurers report. Room at the church has been paid for 2013, Nine members have paid their 2013 dues, Balance in the account is $ 509.68.

     We discussed re-instating the notebook with bylaws, membership list and contact info, information about National, and other helpful writing tips. These would be given to each new member. All agreed that Dacy and Robert would work to generate the notebooks.

     We discussed the agenda for the next several meetings. It was agreed that Guest speakers would be given the first hour and that the second hour would be manuscript critiques. The schedule for the next several months is as follows:

     February     Manuscript Critique

     March         How to use our Social network by Barbara and John

     April            Manuscript Critique

     May            Guest speaker, John Frederick on how to ghost write     someone’s life story.


     Next meeting was scheduled for just after the March monthly meeting.




Here are some helpful clarifications on grammar rules.  Thank you, Millie Dicksion!, forwarded by Marsha Gibson


  Write Better, Get Published    


Open this email in your browser » <http://click.writers-community.com/?qs=39043e4f81f992f5589b00454d5209a5bf4ad385e6c1b1f94d7e4e15fd7b2348>






January 23, 2013



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Affect vs. Effect (and Other Grammar Rules)

Q: Could you share some insight on the proper usage of the words affect and effect?

 -Charlene Clark

The misuse of the words "affect" and "effect" is such an epidemic that some folks are considering assembling regional support groups to deal with the problem. But while the words are often used incorrectly, deciding whether to use affect or effect isn't as tough to as you may think. Let me explain.


 "Affect" is generally used as a verb: A affects B. The eye-patch affected my vision. In this sentence, the eye-patch (A) influenced my vision (B).


 "Effect," on the other hand, is almost exclusively used as a noun: A had an effect on B. Acting like a pirate has had a negative effect on my social life.

So the basic rule of thumb is that "affect" is almost always a verb and "effect" is usually a noun. There are deviations from this, but when in doubt, stick to the rule. If you need help remembering, think of this mnemonic device: The action is affect, the end result is effect.

Want More Grammar Rules?

When it comes to grammar, "affect vs. effect" is just one of the many sets of words that writers (and non-writers) often confuse. Here's a list of 8 other word sets that are commonly misused-and simple explanations on how to use the correctly.


 Who vs. Whom <http://click.writers-community.com/?qs=39043e4f81f992f554cf9fe1437ce78d4c63c160abd1a2de814aedc24b13cfc8>

 Which vs. That <http://click.writers-community.com/?qs=39043e4f81f992f531086cd1b0895eb55097f74f5e5f2de0d8bcca8d5a47fe6a>

 Since vs. Because  <http://click.writers-community.com/?qs=39043e4f81f992f591d6fa024f3bb747a3828beb9279b0e6e540ee284f7dfd75>

 Sneaked vs. Snuck <http://click.writers-community.com/?qs=39043e4f81f992f5b92541518500f41cd8f6f4c5b37716863ab8007a7d6fe824>

 Ensure vs. Insure <http://click.writers-community.com/?qs=39043e4f81f992f5aead811062e71855e8da241b34d59ed5dd786373a31c4eb1>

 Home in vs. Hone in <http://click.writers-community.com/?qs=39043e4f81f992f5aa3cf6f6c2932ae593eacb2b82f76306ffb1bf0e4b35fda3>

 Leaped vs. Leapt  <http://click.writers-community.com/?qs=39043e4f81f992f52f1cc93f38358959a1b5c9ea20b65a909bf68082557b6567>
Lay vs. Lie vs. Laid  <http://click.writers-community.com/?qs=39043e4f81f992f5478039ab5cc7340edd683773d4dd6f79e537a1f503f90bdc>    






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